MicroData Virtualization Expertise

More than 2 physical servers? You Need to Learn About Virtualization

If your organization has 2 or more physical servers, let us show you the advantages of virtualization. With a virtualized environment, a single server can run multiple virtual servers. There are many advantages:

  • Performance is improved over individual physical servers.
  • There are significant licensing, environmental, and capital expense savings.
  • The option of Clustering becomes available, offering automatic failover capability either onsite or at a remote site
  • Flexibility is greatly improved with the ability to add additional Virtual Servers anytime - usually in minutes
  • Retire old, high-risk servers, but maintain the exact running configuration on a new virtual server

MicroData has extensive experience and expertise in virtualization and Microsoft's Hyper-V technology and we'd be pleased to show you how virtualization could help your company.

Next Steps

The first step in exploring virtualization options is to get an clear understanding of your current environment. May we suggest our Deep IT Review & Diagnosis? 

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