Case Studies & Client Feedback

MicroData OfficesHaving been in operation for over 26 years, there isn't much in the IT world that MicroData hasn't seen - and fixed! But more than simply fixing what's broken, we'll take the time to understand your needs and then design and implement a perfect solution. And then we'll be there to maintain and support you going forward.

The testimonial and case studies below are just a few of the examples of how we've helped small and mid-sized business customers who are probably a lot like you.

Company Thought Their IT Provider had them Covered

This company is a small but growing component designer and manufacturer serving the aerospace and defense industries. They are heavy users of IT not only for day-to-day business operations including accounting and sales, but CAD/CAM is an essential part of their manufacturing.

The company assumed that the backup processes set up by their IT provider were safeguarding their data. When a disaster occurred they found out none of it was actually working. Read more

IT Problems that Never Got Resolved

A biotech startup, this company thought they were in great shape with their IT Provider until a more complicated problem arose.

As hours turned into days, and then into weeks, it became clear that their current IT support partner didn't have the expertise and resources to resolve the problem. Read more

Fixing a Failed IT Environment

A 50-year-old oral and maxillofacial surgery practice came to MicroData when existing systems were buggy, increasingly expensive to maintain, and limiting expansion plans. After MicroData analyzed needs, reviewed the existing technology, and designed and implemented a new IT solution and in the process fixing all the problems found, first year savings more than paid for the entire support solution. Read more



"Glenn and his company, MicroData, have provided the highest quality of service in the IT Consulting arena. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, diligent, and punctual.

At LocalMediaLink, he and his staff encouraged us to upgrade in careful ways, lending thoughtfulness to our company's budget, while providing excellent backup and the ability for future and forward thinking. They exceeded all my expectations in output, image, and creativity."

Bob Nolan, CFO

Cornerstone Financial Partners:

"Glenn and his team guided us through all of our IT needs with exceptional efficiency during the start up of our firm in 2011. When you don't have to think about your technology, you know something is going right!"

Carlie Dugan, Managing Partner

Latitude Research:

"I just wanted you to know that I'm very pleased with our work together. MicroData has been great on all levels, and working with you has allowed us to go to a much higher place in terms of our data management and communications."

Steve Mushkin, President & CEO

The Cavan Group:

"We have been working with MicroData since April 2008. As one of their Complete Care clients, we feel they have gone above and beyond to service our technology needs. Their demonstrated commitment to customer service provides us with the knowledge that they will be there when we need them."

Judy Skeffington, Director of Operations