Stephen Vozella, Director Client Engagement

Steve brings to MicroData a wealth of experience and success in marketing, business development, sales, and IT while building customer-centric organizations. As VP, Strategic Systems, Steve achieved significant results at Fidelity Investments in a complete do-over of their 4 U.S.-based contact centers with over 4500 CSRs. As an executive with start-ups and small businesses, Steve was able to create organizations, recruit effectively, and establish highly efficient service/operational processes with very effective teams in customer service, account management, technology and operations.

Steve is a graduate of Boston Latin School, has a BS in Management from Boston College with studies in the Executive MBA program at Louisiana State University.

A leader with a focus on timely, effective communication; outstanding recruiting; great people skills; excellent program management; teamwork; with an ability to see what is and, more importantly, what can be.

Steve has created strategies and plans with an eye toward transforming organizations through an effective use of technology; streamlining today while preparing for the future.

Steve and Ruth Ann live on the New Hampshire coast.