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2020 is a Different World for Business

Strategies, business plans, and established paradigms went out the window in March of 2020. Initially no one was sure what the 'new normal' would look like for the business world. But something interesting happened...a small percentage of businesses didn't just survive, they actually thrived and grew, racing past their competitors. And this didn't happen in just one or two industries, it happened to all types of businesses.

So what was different about these organizations? They had made strategic investments in information technology that allowed them to quickly pivot and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic environment. And since the world will never be the same, these investments will continue to provide organizations a powerful advantage in the post-Covid19 world.

MicroData specializes in creating and supporting the robust, Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud environment needed for the new normal.

» Our Microsoft Silver Cloud & Midmarket Certification – MicroData has the demonstrated expertise to deliver modern, reliable IT cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises solutions. This certification is reserved for companies that demonstrate excellence in implementing, supporting, and troubleshooting these Microsoft technologies.

» Our Security Focus - security and compliance is no longer optional. MicroData can provide HIPAA, PCI, CMR17, and ITAR compliant IT solutions for your organization.

» Our Industry Partnerships – HP, HPE, IBM, Dell, Symantec, and over 50 others. Demonstrating our ability to design, deploy, and support all the leading industry technologies.

» An Entire Team of Experts at your Service – certified consultants and engineers that work as your partner in IT

» Round-the-Clock Technical Support – IT help when you need it most

Technology solutions from MicroData are designed, created and implemented to allow organizations of any size become more agile, responsive, and flexible. Contact us today so we can help transform your business.

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What We Offer

We'd love to meet with you in person or talk directly with you by phone, but in the meantime here's a quick summary of what we do.

IT Systems Review & Remediation

MicroData IT ReviewThe first step in forging a new path is to determine where you are. MicroData experts will review your organization's IT systems & processes and create a plan to make your company agile, flexible, and responsive.

Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Private Cloud

Re-making your organization requires leveraging the technologies that can make it happen. These include the appropriate use of the Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Outsourcing & Managed Services

One key principle of creating an agile & flexible business isMicroData Managed Services that you must leverage skilled resources to keep everything and everyone working efficiently. This means that you cannot do it yourself or employ resources who will try to 'figure it out.' MicroData offers a range of economical yet sophisticated Managed Service plans to do the job for you.


MicroData Small Business OwnerIn 2020 data security is a given and it's another area where you can't waste time and resources trying to 'figure out' solutions. MicroData has the tools, certifications, and experience to design and support IT solutions that meet specific compliance needs - or just Best Practices for companies that want to maximize the security of their customer and corporate data. Learn more.

What our Customers Say

  • "Glenn and his company, MicroData, have provided the highest quality of service in the IT Consulting arena. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, diligent, and punctual. At LocalMediaLink, he and his staff encouraged us to upgrade in careful ways, lending thoughtfulness to our company's budget, while providing excellent backup and the ability for future and forward thinking. They exceeded all my expectations in output, image, and creativity."

    -- Bob Nolan, CFO. Local Media Link
  • Carli D"Glenn and his team guided us through all of our IT needs with exceptional efficiency during the start up of our firm in 2011. When you don't have to think about your technology, you know something is going right!"

    -- Carlie Dugan, Managing Partner - Selective Micro Technologies
  • "We have been working with MicroData since April 2008. As one of their Complete Care clients, we feel they have gone above and beyond to service our technology needs. Their demonstrated commitment to customer service provides us with the knowledge that they will be there when we need them.”

    Judy Skeffington, Dir. Operations -The Cavan Group, Inc.
  • "I just wanted you to know that I'm very pleased with our work together. MicroData has been great on all levels, and working with you has allowed us to go to a much higher place in terms of our data management and communications.”

    -- Steve Mushkin, President - Latitude Research

Our Management Team

Glenn Mores, President & CEO

Glenn MoresMicroData's specialization is the vision of its President and CEO, Glenn Mores. Mr. Mores has a rich background that has helped shape MicroData. more

EdWard Bostridge, ENGINEERing

Ed Bostridge, Engineer IIIEd Bostridge is a senior engineer at MicroData specializing in infrastructure, security, and cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. more