Case Study: Company Thought IT Provider had them Covered

This customer learned the critical value of having a professional, certified, and established IT Partner.

Business Issue: This business is a small but growing component designer and manufacturer serving the aerospace and defense industries. They contacted MicroData after a disaster wiped out some key servers and they found that systems and processes put in place by their old IT provider to safeguard data had actually not been working correctly. The result was in excess of $50,000 to replace failed equipment and also bring in temporary staffing to re-enter more than 4 months of data that was lost.

MicroData Case Study CFOThe company was able to survive this disaster, but barely. The damage was significant. It was at this point they realized that the IT support vendor they were working with didn't have the tools, skills, and technical resources to support their business. Further, they now did not trust the previous solutions that had been put into place. This prompted the owners to contact MicroData.

Solution: MicroData performed a comprehensive audit of the current environment and the organization's business needs. We found that the solutions that had been put into place were totally inappropriate for the organization in every critical area including security, control & monitoring, flexibility, and scalability. MicroData proceeded to craft a design and plan to solve all issues.

The MicroData solution included a hybrid cloud configuration, a best practices backup solution, our SafeGuard Disaster Recovery service, secure wireless access, multiple remote access options, standardization of applications, and full support for CAD/CAM operations. A customized training program was also developed and implemented to help users transition to new technology resources and processes.

"We had a rude awakening. We thought the IT Support Partner we had was providing good value. It was just the opposite."

This hybrid-cloud solution provided everything the business required to operate securely. Further, the solution offered scalability to permit the technology to keep pace with growth.

As the final part of the solution, the customer enrolled in MicroData's Select Care service which provides comprehensive ongoing support coupled with proactive, expert guidance.

Change in Situation: “We had a rude awakening. We thought the IT Support Provider we had was providing good value. It was just the opposite. We didn't appreciate how bad things really were until MicroData completed their audit and showed us how much was wrong. But once the work was done, IT suddenly became an almost invisible asset that worked for us; quietly, efficiently, and reliably," said Peter, President & CEO. "And Select Care includes regular monthly management reports so we now know exactly how systems are performing as well as new needs that are emerging."