MicroData Ransomware Guardian

MicroData's Ransomware Guardian. Stopping Ransomware Before Your Network is Affected.

Ransomware GuardianImagine suddenly finding all your company data - including backups - encrypted, and all you see is an ominous screen telling you to send thousands of dollars in bitcoin to some address in order to get a decryption key to get your data back.

And consider that according to a recent study by Cyberedge, less than 50% of the people that pay a ransom are actually able to recover their data.

Antivirus software and a firewall just aren't enough to keep your network safe any longer. MicroData's exclusive Ransomware Guardian provides over 20 multi-layered protections in addition to what's provided by antivirus software and firewalls.

  • Block typical pre-install and install actions of ransomware
  • Restrict use of USB sticks - a prime entry vector for ransomware
  • Disable user access (individually or on a group basis) to low-level operating system operations and tools
  • Restrict user access to web storage
  • Block access to personal email services
  • restrict access to social media - another common entry vector for ransomware
  • Enforce password operations
  • Monitor and alert on logon/logoff activities
  • Block unknown applications from installing

And with detailed monthly reporting, you'll quickly be able to see exactly how Ransomware Guardian is helping to protect your network.

Every MicroData Managed Service Plan includes Ransomware Guardian.

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