Case Study: IT Problems that Never Got Resolved

The customer did the math. 22 highly compensated employees made each hour of downtime extremely expensive. Having IT issues promptly taken care of was critical.

Business Issue: This Biotech startup had a patented product and in their second year of operation was in the midst of FDA trials. It was critical that both analytical work and business functions kept pace with the expensive FDA process. Time was literally money.

Senior management thought themselves pretty sophisticated and experienced with IT management, so they weren't particularly concerned when an IT infrastructure problem arose. After all, this was what they had retained an IT support partner for, right? Unfortunately, days turned into weeks without the issue being resolved. Different 'fixes' kept getting Manager in MicroData Case Studytried and excuses made, but the problem wasn't fixed. Business slowdowns were occurring and costs were mounting rapidly. "Our old IT support partner was just guessing," said Kim R. the CFO. Finally, Kim decided that it was time to find an IT support company with the depth, experienced and certified personnel, and industry relationships to resolve the problem. She called MicroData.

Solution: MicroData analyzed not just the specific problem area, but looked at the entire environment to ensure that the existing infrastructure and all possible factors were fully understood. It was found that two software vendors' products were involved and because MicroData had partnership relationships with both, we brought the two together to resolve the issues without fingerpointing or excuses. Within 24 hours, a solution was found, MicroData implemented it, verified the correction, and business was able to resume normally.

"Our old IT support partner was just guessing. Meanwhile, I had 22 highly paid employees wasting weeks of time."

As the final part of the solution, the customer enrolled in MicroData's Complete Care service plan which provides comprehensive ongoing 24x7 support coupled with proactive, expert guidance.

Change in Situation: “We determined that with our growing practice we wanted to focus on our day-to-day procedures and not have to spend time on computer maintenance,” said Chris, office manager. “We wanted someone who would take that issue from us altogether. We wanted a company that would be able to handle our computer issues and be close by should emergencies arise.

After the corrections were implemented that resolved the immediate problem, MicroData didn't simply stop. While other areas of the environment were functional, they were far from optimal. MicroData presented management with 8 suggestions for additional 'Best Practices' corrective actions. We explained to management how each would increase reliability and decrease risk, and in many cases the corrections would also reduce operational and support costs. Management agreed and the corrections were implemented over the next several weeks.

"We thought the previous solutions we had were efficient, but we didn't realize how much more we could have been doing until MicroData showed us. We're now far ahead of where we were before, security and reliability are greatly improved, and costs are approximately the same as what we had been paying with our old provider."